A pilgrimage is the mobilization of people toward places where they come in touch with the sacred. 



There are some examples of pilgrimages in Islam -the Hajj to Mecca; in Hinduism, the pilgrimage to the Kumbha Mela and the Ganges; in Christianity, perhaps the most known is the way to Santiago de Compostela; in the Tibetan Buddhism to the caves of teachers such as the cave of Padmasambhava or Milarepa. In indigenous America, pilgrims travel to the pyramids, to the sea, to volcanos, to the Peyote desert... 


At ONCA we recognize not only the importance of pilgrimage to the sacred places, recognized by their sacred energy and their instructor spirit; but also to living mystical cultures and authentic spiritual traditions. We believe that while our societies transition into the monoculture of globalization, authentic mystical cultures that have managed to stay alive present great opportunities to teach authentic ways of experiencing and relating to life, mystery, and consciousness.



Initiations into Bwiti - Gabon, Africa.


September 1-20, 2019


Deep inside the rainforest, the ceremonial site is a Pygmea, Zango, Punu, and Mitsogo village called Micodi. 

Bwiti Iboga initiations are offered in the Mabangi feminine cult and Missoku masculine cult.



Sia Theci- Putumayo and Sucumbíos, Ecuador / Colombia


October 24 - November 3, 2019


Singing of the black tiger (sia theci) is an eleven-day encounter in the territory of the A'i ethnic group, also known as the Cofán people. This ethnic group is made up of five communities located in the jungle area of the Colombo-Ecuadorian border.

Wirikuta - Mexico


July 2020


Sacred Desert of Wixarica peyote pilgrimage- the place where the sun was born.

Hikuri Neixa - Sierra Madre, Mexico


San Andres-Cohamiata is the largest Wixaritari(Huichol)settlement. Access to the top of the mountain is not easy, it takes time. In June the most important ceremony of the year is celebrated, the Hikuri Neixa, the peyote dance.

Humbleciya - Vision Quest: San Juan, Argentina


First semester 2020, dates to be confirmed.


Five nights and four days of offering and praying in the mountain without eating or drinking water.

Wiwang Wacipi - Sun Dance


This is the most important ceremony in the Lakota tradition. Four days of purification followed by four days of dry fasting and intense ecstatic dance

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